Tawandra L. Rowell-Cunsolo, PhD


Nabila El-Bassel, PhD, Columbia School of Social Work

HISTP Mentor

Elwin Wu, PhD

Dr. Rowell-Cunolo is an Assistant Professor of Social Welfare Science at the Columbia University School of Nursing. She earned her PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rowell-Cunsolo completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Behavioral Science Research in HIV Infection at the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at the New York Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University. Dr. Rowell-Cunsolo is interested in the role of incarceration, substance abuse, and sexual behavior in HIV acquisition and transmission in vulnerable populations. She is currently examining the feasibility and acceptability of the “seek, test, and treat” strategy among urban populations. Dr. Rowell-Cunsolo is also in the process of adapting an HIV risk reduction intervention for formerly incarcerated Black Americans returning to communities in the New York City metropolitan area.

HISTP Pilot Study

Medication adherence and HIV risk behaviors among HIV infected formerly incarcerated individuals