What We Do

For over a decade, HISTP has strengthened universities, diversified HIV research, and elevated scholars of color across the country.

HISTP aims to increase the number of highly trained multidisciplinary HIV scientists from groups underrepresented among NIH Principal Investigators by providing training, mentorship, and other research and professional development activities enabling scholars to conduct implementation research focused on the HIV continuum of care and the criminal justice system.

HISTP model including training, mentorship, collaboration, and faculty support

HISTP provides three years of support to new faculty building research careers as tenure-track faculty

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Write grants and publish one first-author article per year
  2. Attend semi-annual institutes and events/design challenges at Columbia University including mentor meetings and grant support
  3. Share and exchange knowledge via distance learning events and webinars
  4. Receive and provide support addressing issues as a faculty member of color and overcoming barriers in academia
  5. Use effective, science-based approaches and implementation of community-level HIV prevention interventions
  6. Receive technology-based exposure such as solving research problems through a Hardware Design Challenge (eg, wearables), Simcon, or Social Media Prototyping Lab
  7. Develop experience and knowledge of the latest scientific HIV research methodologies
  8. Receive extensive grant writing and peer support for funding proposals
  9. Collaborate with other scientists in similar field and world class mentors




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