Peter Memiah, DrPH, MSc

Goal with HISTP

"I look forward to learning, networking and working towards submitting a winning HIV implementation grant."

Dr. Memiah is a Forward Fellow with HISTP.


Taha El Tahir Taha, Professor, Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University

HISTP Mentor

Coming soon.


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Dr. Peter Memiah's goal in research has been to ameliorate health inequalities in the USA, Sub-­Saharan Africa (SSA) and the Caribbean (Haiti and Guyana) through health outcomes research, health sector policy development, public health programming and direct patient care. His clinical, public health, and research activities focus on engagement of adolescents in the care continuum, understanding the intersection between HIV and other Non-Communicable disease and Health workforce development while improving health services and health-­care access for those in need globally.