Lynn Murphy Michalopoulos, PhD


Nabila El-Bassel, PhD, Columbia School of Social Work

HISTP Mentor

Susan Witte, PhD

Dr. Michalopoulos is an Assistant Professor at Columbia University School of Social Work. She earned her PhD from the University of Maryland and has an extensive background in clinical social work and research related to trauma and HIV. Her current research consists of the impact of culture on trauma outcomes and the relationship between trauma and HIV risk behavior, especially among populations in non-Western low and middle income countries. She is currently working with the Victims of Torture Fund through USAID and Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Mental Health Research group on a project developing global and regionally specific trauma scales across cultures and populations. She is also an investigator on a study examining tuberculosis factors in Central Asian migrants through USAID. She is in the initial stages of conducting a mixed-methods pilot study examining the relationship between trauma and HIV risk behavior among labor migrants in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, as well as in Ndola and Solwezi, Zambia.

HISTP Pilot Study

Trauma Outcomes and HIV Risk Behavior among Labor Migrants in Zambia