Kristina B. Hood, PhD


Faye Belgrave, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

HISTP Mentor

Susan Witte, PhD

Dr. Hood is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and African American Studies at Mississippi State University. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Christopher Newport University, her Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Psychology, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Social Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Hood’s active research program focuses on preventive health behaviors and promoting positive health outcomes among people of color and underserved populations. More specifically, she studies HIV prevention, condom use attitudes and persuasion, psychosocial determinants of health behavior, and sexual health promotion among African American women. Her current research involves using the components of persuasion and principles of edutainment (entertainment education) to change attitudes and perceptions about condoms through the use of social media. Dr. Hood’s plan is to develop and implement individual and group level interventions using social media with the goal of changing attitudes and promoting consistent condom use among African American women.

HISTP Pilot Study

Increasing Access to HIV Prevention Interventions through the Use of Social Media